o2 reveals the naked truth about why DSL is a good buy.

To highlight the benefits of DSL and the insight that some things are better done at home, we launched a humorous online campaign that playfully depicted private matters exclusively outside.


Telefónica o2


BBDO interone


Online Campaign

My Role:

Executive Creative Director

Campaign Phase One

Our ad with the half-naked man in the supermarket became a bit of a viral hit. It reached the top 20 in the YouTube charts with 4.5 million views and generated a lot of traffic to our campaign landing page.

Online commercial

Campaign Phase Two

The target audience was reached. But now the campaign really began. Users wrote their own adverts, took part in voting and got YouTube stars like Y-Titty to act out their “Better at home” stories in publicity stunts.


Stunt by Ooobacht & Ponk

Stunt by Y-Titty

Stunt by AlexiBexi

Campaign Phase Three

Community buzz, press, premium ads and POS posters drove traffic to the microsite. To keep the site engaging, we enriched it with more entertaining content, such as outtakes from the shoot and recordings of our protagonists’ phone calls.



Client: Telefónica o2 • Agency: BBDO interone • CCO: Michael Ohanian • Executive Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Jan Köpke • Creative Directors: Arne Hollmann, Till Heumann • Concept Designers: Stefan Schwarz, Mariana Brinkhoff, Cynthia Hormann • Copywriter: Laura Zabel • Art Directors: Julia Hellwege, Arleta Szalast • Director Client Services: Andreas Nieder • Account Managers: Carina Schwarzwälder, Nicola Clausen • Film Production: Jotz! • Director: Claas Ortmann • Executive Producer: Jan Behrens • Producer: Peggy Geibig • Director of Photography: Armin Franzen • Art Department: Sarah Horton • Editor: Nicki Stampe • Post Production: nhb Hamburg • Photographer: Ralf Gellert • Photo Editing: Zerone


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